Flypal is a global organisation with office in Australia, Singapore, India, Sri-Lanka, South Africa and Myanmar. We offer:

FLYPAL International: deals exclusively with Defence- is registered defence supplier for India, Australia, Singapore, Myanmar, South Africa and Sri-Lanka.

FLYPAL Online Shop: Offers online products which can be purchased across the regions from our distributor and supplier network.

FLYPAL WORLD: deals exclusively in commercials industry for the Aviation, Marine and Ground supporting equipment's.

FLYPAL Team average experiences of 15+ in Sales with continuity of service and in depth knowledge of our customer needs, enables us to services you with the best possible support.

FLYPAL global office and wide distribution network can provide same day despatch to any location worldwide for all routine orders. This is why we offer a 24h*7w services wide range of services to the owners and operators. We specialise to meet Just-in-Time delivery schedule for you need.

To experience our exceptional service, contact one of our highly professional and friendly sales team with your parts requirement today.

Our Mission

Bring people together for safer and secure world tomorrow

Our Vision

Be the global leader in supporting our customers, strengthen global safety, Innovate for advance scientific discovery.

Our Values

  • Customer first
  • Integrity and Respect for individuals
  • Perform With Excellence

Key Benefits With FLYPAL

  • Increased asset reliability, improving asset utilisation and reduced operating expenses through a highly tuned supply chain supporting each client's maintenance strategy.
  • 24*7 support office strategically placed in Australia for Australia region, Singapore Hub for Asia and India for India subcontinent.
  • A large offering of OEM parts leading to improved asset availability and lower life cycle costs in aviation, Marine and vehicles.
  • Investment and support for innovation which brings Advance Scientific discovery.